Additional Requirements and Aspects of the School Internship Program

  1. Academic Credit for Internships: Students participating in an internship course will receive one (1) internship credit unit each term and a total of 3 internship academic credits towards their graduation requirement
  2. International Students Apply to ISO: All graduate program international students must submit a Request for CPT form to the International Student Office (ISO) at least three (3) weeks before the start of any quarter term (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).  If a student doesn’t have any prospect for an internship provider, a student should then schedule an appointment with the university Student Services Office to obtain assistance in locating a provider, obtaining a substitute internship placement, or to submit an Internship Waiver.
  3. Concurrent Enrollment in Internship Course: All students participating in the university internship program, must be concurrently enrolled in an internship class during the full term of their internship.

How to Apply for an Internship If you are an International Student:

To apply for an internship and the updating of your I-20, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Complete and submit Request for CPT form to the Faculty Internship Advisor for academic approval. Your Internship Advisor will determine whether there is a fit between your academic program and the proposed internship experience.
  2. Obtain a Job Offer Letter that conforms to the sample provided from the Sofia International Students Office.
  3. Submit a Cooperative Agreement form signed by your Employer.
  4. Attain Internship Course Registration. As part of your participation in the university internship program, you must show concurrent enrollment in a standard part-time or full-time internship course.
  5. A copy of the I-94 admission record and passport identity page with expiration information.
  6. A copy of a current passport, including pages with full name, date of birth, passport number, and issue/expiration date must be provided.
  7. Academic Department Approval: Before submitting a Request for CPT Form to the International Students Office, you must obtain approval from your Internship Faculty Advisor confirming that your internship field work is an integral part of your academic training and supports the objectives of your degree program.

Internship Attendance Policies:

Attendance is taken when students submit their weekly assignment. If a student fails to submit their weekly assignment, the student will be marked as absent. Late assignments are not accepted, and students cannot acquire retroactive attendance by attempting to submit late assignments. The student may fail the internship course if assignments are not submitted promptly and in a timely fashion.

  • Online – Attendance: Online classes record all activities of a student during the quarter. Students have ten weeks to complete an online course. Failure to complete course requirements will result in a failing grade, and the student may be required to retake said course. Students who are absent for two or more weeks (as evidenced by no engagement with the course hosted by the Learning Management System) will receive a failing grade. Required engagement may vary from course to course, but generally consists of posting to discussion boards, exchanging emails    of a substantive nature about course content with the instructor, completing reviews of audio- taped lectures, etc.
  • Campus – Attendance: Students are expected to attend all campus-based course meetings as scheduled and complete all assigned coursework. If the student anticipates any absence during the quarter, they should ask permission from the instructor as early as possible. Students must maintain a minimum of 70% attendance for each course in each quarter. However, this policy does not imply that students should plan to miss class sessions; it simply acknowledges that circumstances may sometimes prevent students from attending a particular scheduled session.
  • Students who fail to maintain regular attendance may be terminated from their degree program and/or receive a failing grade for the course. Students who receive a failing grade may be required to retake said course.