Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Completion Program Special Track

Hybrid, a combination of Campus and Online Courses

Sofia University offers a special track in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree Completion program for students from India who have completed the requisite three- year undergraduate degree in India. These students will be admitted into the undergraduate degree completion program having completed all major requirements for the degree. Students will then need to complete one year, or 48 credits, of General Education (GE). GE courses in English, Humanities, Social Sciences and Biology will focus on broadening the students’ understanding of business issues through hands on projects-based learning. The degree completion program provides a pathway for students to continue their education at the graduate level and be admitted directly into the MBA, MS in Computer Science, the pathway program for both the MBA/MSCS. Located on our new Costa Mesa Campus in Orange County California, the program offers students a wide range of engagement opportunities and a chance to experience the best of the Southern California lifestyle.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program, students will be able to:

  • Summarize fundamental concepts of the business disciplines and apply these when analyzing and solving business problems.
  • Determine when information is needed to address a topic or problem, and locate, evaluate, and use the needed information effectively and efficiently.
  • Integrate empirical data, ethical considerations, and transpersonal values when analyzing and solving business problems.
  • Communicate using a variety of media and genres to effectively address the circumstances and intended audience across a range of purposes and settings.
  • Describe and employ effective management and leadership practices to teamwork in multidisciplinary and multicultural settings.
  • Articulate key concepts and frameworks of ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability, and apply them appropriately in professional settings
Degree Requirements

To receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, students must successfully complete 48 quarter units including transfer credit earned at other colleges or universities. The following are specific degree requirements:

  • 40 units in General Education
  • 8 units in Capstone Project

At least 48 quarter units of the degree must be completed at Sofia University. Across units earned at Sofia and elsewhere, students must complete a minimum of 48 “upper division” units. The Capstone Project cannot be fulfilled by transfer units and must be completed at Sofia.

Total Credits

Program Teaching Structure

This special track for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program will be held on campus in Costa Mesa, California. Classes will be fully residential with substantial online support materials and will be taught by one of Sofia’s top instructors.

The first term of the program will be done in a remote online synchronous format. Before coming to the United States, students will get adjusted to the Sofia curriculum and course structure while completing their first term courses online. For the second term, and from then on to graduation, students will be on campus in Costa Mesa, in the heart of Orange County California.