Certificates, Concentrations and Sub-concentrations

Sofia University offers stand-alone certificates in Transpersonal Ecopsychology and Dream Studies. Students in these certificate programs will receive a certificate upon completion of the requirements and their transcripts will reflect the fact that they have earned a certificate from Sofia University. The requirements for these certificates are outlined below.

In addition, students currently registered in the MATP or GPHD program may earn a concentration (in the case of the GPHD program) or a sub-concentration (in the case of the MATP program) in either or both Transpersonal Ecopsychology and Dream Studies. Students in these programs will receive a document attesting to their completion of the Transpersonal Ecopsychology and Dream Studies courses, but their transcripts will not describe a separate certificate; instead, the transcript will identify the sub-concentration or concentration earned as part of the degree awarded by the MATP or GPHD program. The requirements for these concentration and sub-concentrations are the same as those for the stand-alone certificate and are outlined below.

Students who begin or complete the stand-alone certificate programs and decide to pursue an MATP or GPHD degree program at Sofia University will be allowed to transfer up to 9 credit hours (the maximum hours allowed under Sofia University policy to be transferred from any source) of their certificate work toward their degree requirements.