Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

The Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is a cutting-edge, full-spectrum AI program that covers Artificial Intelligence from the hardware-intensive robotics side to the data/machine learning-centric software side in a highly integrated curriculum.

The robotics portion of the program covers both the hardware and electronics of robotics and software applications such as machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning. Robotics labs are pervasive throughout the robotics courses and include continual hands-on robot building from basic electronics to fully software-integrated robotic systems.

The data science and machine learning portion of the program utilizes the latest software tools to analyze and develop comprehensive AI solutions on a wide variety of topics ranging from medicine and science to business and social media applications.

As a whole, the AI certificate prepares students to enter into the AI field in any scientific, business, or research-based domain with the skills necessary to become an AI expert in that field. All courses in the certificate program are reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure that all material taught is current, relevant, and cutting-edge. All industry-relevant tools utilized in the program are also reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that students are job-ready when they complete the program.

Plan of Study

The Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is comprised of the following courses:

Artificial Intelligence Certificate Courses (18 Units):

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