MSCS2219: Advanced Threat Analysis

Credits 3
This course covers advanced techniques of complex, blended threat analysis to ensure that the organization and its information assets are safe and secure through methods that facilitate the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and information at all organizational levels. The course focuses on advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques and software that pre-emptively assess and mitigate threats from local, national, and international sources. Extensive threat data modeling and analysis techniques are studied and applied to myriad science, technology, engineering, and management domains and industries. Special emphasis is placed on mitigating zero-day and large scale coordinated attacks on an organization’s information infrastructure. The course explores and dissects case studies to demonstrate the best approaches and lessons learned from recent global cyber-attacks. The course concludes with the development of a software system that can sense and detect attack pre-emptions and protect the organization from those attacks, even if they are zero-day attacks based on sound threat analytics, visualizations, and models.