MSCS3920: Cyber Security: Defense

Credits 3
This course covers the proactive and pre-emptive cyber defense of information system assets at the data level through the organizational level. The goal of proactive defense is to mitigate the cyber risk of the organization. As such, risk management and sound cyber based organizational management is comprehensively integrated into the course. The defense of critical infrastructure is studied and plans for preventing, protecting, and providing time sensitive responses to attacks or threats are covered in detail to insure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and information throughout the organization. The complexity of attacks and blended threats is covered from a holistic security point of view to ensure that threats from advanced or multiple sources are effectively mitigated to protect sensitive information and to safeguard organizational assets. The course covers myriad complex case studies and applies lessons learned to various STEM disciplines and industries to ensure that these industries can pre-emptively disrupt complex and blended cyber-attacks for sound organizational information assurance.