MSCS3921: Cyber Security: Forensics and Attack Analysis

Credits 3
This course covers the art and science of cybersecurity forensics, which is the application of investigation and analytical techniques to cyber systems to extract and preserve information that can inform cyber professionals on risk mitigation and that can legally be presented as evidence in a court of law. The course covers attack analysis in detail and provides sound investigative methods for collecting, analyzing, preserving, and interpreting cyber information and evidence. In addition to the technological aspects of cyber forensics, the course will cover the legal aspects of cyber forensics including classifications of evidence, evidence preservation, evidence tampering, discovery procedures and protocols, and case presentation in court. The course concludes with a comprehensive case study and the techniques and processes used to construct cyber forensic reports and evidence repositories for pending cyber-criminal cases. A major focus of the course is the application of forensics and attack analysis within various STEM based disciplines and organizations.