MLR1000 : Creative Expression Concentration Orientation Course

Credits 0

Once students are approved by the Registrar and the CEC Director for admittance to the CEC, studentsenter the CEC through the Certificate Orientation Course housed in Canvas. The Creative Expression Certificate (CEC) Orientation course is a self-directed course that introduces students to requirements and information related to the CEC. This short course offers students a certificate overview, orientation, and guidance related to the Creative Expression Certificate and expressive arts witnessing etiquette. These offerings will be delivered through short readings and videos. Students will also be invited to imagine how they might like to use creative expression in a professional application through the creation of long- and short-term goals and a Vision Statement. These documents are expected to be refined over the students’ time of study in the CEC curriculum. This course will serve as a place to set intentions, learn about the CEC program, and as an entry point into the final showcase portfolio course.