MLR20301: Advanced Trauma and Crisis Interventions: Part 1

Credits 3

This course will address trauma and crisis theory and counseling. Multidisciplinary responses and referrals will be included. Cognitive, behavioral, and neurological effects associated with trauma will be addressed as well as brief, intermediate, and long-term treatment approaches. Assessment and treatment strategies for families, couples, children, and individuals in crisis will be addressed along with principles of intervention for those with mental or emotional disorders during times of crisis, emergency, or disaster. The course will address the means of connecting clients with resources in the community during crisis and disaster as well as follow-up referrals. Resilience-focused models of intervention including personal and community qualities that enable persons to cope with adversity, trauma, tragedy, threat, or other stressors will be presented. The course will also address familial trauma: divorce, death and dying, and recovery principles for individuals, couples, and families.


Admission to a clinical program; MLR2006, MLR2011, MLR2007, MLR1001.


At least 0.5 unit of MLR2001