Delivery of Instruction

Sofia offers several modes of instruction and defines each program based on the predominant mode of delivery. The three delivery modes are defined as follows:

  • Online + Low-residency programs provide most instruction through a Learning Management System, an online platform for sharing all course materials (including readings, quizzes and other assignments, audio-visual presentations, etc.), plus scheduled face-to-face retreats, intensives, or seminars one or more times during the year. (Each program determines the frequency, length, and attendance requirements for face-to-face sessions. See the respective descriptions of degree requirements elsewhere in this Catalog.) Some online courses may require synchronous ("real time") teleconference sessions; these are noted in course descriptions.

  • Hybrid programs combine fully online courses with those conducted face-to-face on one of the University's two campuses (Costa Mesa or Palo Alto, CA). Each quarter, students enroll in some online courses and some involving campus attendance. Some on-campus courses may use the Learning Management System to post the syllabus, readings, etc.; however, most work for such courses occurs in the on-campus classroom.

  • Campus programs can only be completed through coursework conducted at Sofia's physical campus location. Some courses may use the Learning Management System to post the syllabus, readings, and supplementary materials; however, most work for each course occurs in the on-campus classroom.

  • Language of Instruction: The primary language of instruction at Sofia University is English. All courses, unless specifically noted, are taught in English. Students must demonstrate English language proficiency. Specific University courses are taught in the Chinese language.