Dissertation and Continuation

Every quarter, dissertation phase students must register for Dissertation Research (DOC9001-1 – DOC9006-1) and will be assigned a grade. Students on continuation status for the dissertation (DCE9101 – DCE9104) must register for this course each quarter, with a maximum of four such continuation registrations. Students are expected to continue to make academic progress throughout the dissertation phase of their work. Dissertation Chairs are expected to give a Pass or No Pass grade for the dissertation research to indicate whether the student is making appropriate progress with the dissertation research project.

Adequate progress is defined here as students attaining the particular set of course objectives delineated for the DOC9001-1, DOCT9006-1, DCE9101, and DCE9104 series and staying in regular contact with the Dissertation Chair and committee members, the Director of the Dissertation Office, and other school staff as necessary. In addition, the student and the Chair will develop a Learning Agreement and timeline for dissertation completion and adequate progress for the DCE9101 through DCE9104 courses. Students are expected to complete their dissertation in a timely manner.

If a student receives two no pass grades for lack of dissertation progress, the student will be placed on Academic Probation. A student would be dismissed from school upon receipt of a third No Pass. See the resource packets available from the Dissertation Office for the complete policy.