Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, Accessibility

Sofia University is committed to equity, inclusion, diversity, and accessibility (EIDA).

Our work on equity, inclusion, diversity, and accessibility is grounded in the tenets of transpersonal and humanistic psychology. Our mission, vision, and core values have long reflected our commitment to an empathic, compassionate, and holistic view of all human beings. This shared history serves as a solid foundation for our work on EIDA. However, we recognize that the work is on-going, the issues are evolving, language is fluid, and our understanding needs to expand. Through our academic programs we strive to apply principles of inclusion and diversity to current issues of equity and social justice. In policies, practices, classes, meetings, intensives, and seminars, the Sofia University community is engaged in and committed to genuine dialogue, active listening, relevant education, self-reflection, personal accountability, and transformation.

Equity: We work to create policies and practices that are fair and just, so that all community members have genuine opportunities to experience success.

Inclusion: We are committed to building and maintaining a safe environment that empowers all community members to have a voice and feel respected.

Diversity: We invite, appreciate, and honor our differences. We engage with, listen to, work with, learn from, and reflect our diverse communities.

Accessibility: We are committed to providing the supports and services necessary to meet students’ diverse needs. We strive to be adaptable, reduce barriers, and provide opportunities for students’ educational access, personal growth, and the tools for transformation.

Sofia University remains committed to implementing actions and practices that support these statements and to seek feedback regarding our ongoing EIDA initiatives. 


Sofia University Board of Trustee’s Resolution (Adopted 12/10/22) 

The Sofia University Board of Trustees is committed to fostering a more equitable, inclusive, diverse, and accessible university. We endorse and support the implementation of EIDA policies in academic and organizational practices as described in the catalog and other official documents of Sofia University.