F-1 Transfer Students

If an F-1 student is currently in the U.S. on an active F-1 status and has been accepted to Sofia University, they may request to transfer their F-1 SEVIS record from their previous university to Sofia University. After acceptance, Sofia's Office of Admission will connect the new student with Sofia's International Student Services Office. The International Office will request the student to fill out Sofia University's I-20 request form for the appropriate term and work with the student to select an appropriate SEVIS transfer date. After the SEVIS transfer is completed, at DSO at Sofia University will issue the student their updated Sofia I-20 within 3-5 business days. Any prospective SEVIS transfer students can email DSO@sofia.edu for additional guidance on the SEVIS transfer process.

Important Notes for Students Transferring to Sofia University:

  • Sofia University has a SEVIS transfer deadline for each new quarter and some schools require 7-10 days of processing time for a SEVIS transfer request. Students are advised to notify their previous university and collaborate on the SEVIS transfer as early as possible.
  • SEVIS transfers can be scheduled in advance.
  • If an F-1 student currently holds OPT or CPT authorization with their previous school, the curricular practical training will no longer be valid starting the day of the SEVIS transfer.
  • If the student's SEVIS record is no longer active, the student must first schedule an appointment with DSO@sofia.edu prior to having their SEVIS record transfer.

An international student attending Sofia University that has been accepted to a new university may request to transfer their SEVIS records to their new SEVP Certified school. Students must provide the Sofia DSO with a program acceptance letter from the SEVP Certified school along with the SEVIS ID of the new school. The student will also give the DSO a "release date" for when they would like the SEVIS record transferred to the new school.

It is important that students ensure they are transferring within the 60-day grace period if they have already completed a program at a previous institution. If the F-1 Visa has expired and the student has already left the country, then the student will need to re-apply for an F-1 Visa at a U.S. Consulate prior to the program start-date at Sofia University.