Board of Trustees

The Sofia University Board of Trustees is responsible for the University’s corporate, business, and financial affairs, including the setting of broad educational policies and long-range planning. The Board consists of prominent members of local and national communities.


The President, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the University, leads the University and is responsible to the Board of Trustees.

Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Responsibility for all academic affairs rests with the Provost, who exercises this responsibility in collaboration with the President and the faculty and staff. The Provost is responsible for the content, quality, and execution of all academic programs, and for the maintenance of the University’s academic standards.

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate serves as a liaison between the faculty and the administration by:

  • Fostering faculty participation in the development and implementation of the strategic plan of Sofia University
  • Representing the faculty in developing University policies and procedures that directly affect the faculty and the student body
  • Reviewing University academic programs, policies, and procedures proposed by the administration, student organizations, or individual faculty members
  • Cultivating a clear dialogue within Sofia University so that optimal understanding, inclusivity, and accountability are achieved
  • Creating, maintaining, and protecting a university environment that is respectful of all persons and conducive to the richest growth of scholarship, learning, teaching, research, cultural humility, service, and professionalism
  • Accepting and sharing responsibility with all constituents (the administration, staff, and students) in all efforts to improve the stature and relevance of Sofia University

Student Senate

The Student Senate is a student-run, shared governance organization that ensures adequate student representation from on-campus, hybrid, and online programs in the daily operations of the University. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Student Services for more information about the many services provided by the Student Senate.