Grade Appeals

Students may dispute a final grade if they disagree with an instructor's assessment of their performance. To dispute a final grade received in a course, students should first contact their instructor with the basis of the appeal.

Grade appeals may be considered if there is evidence that:

  • The grade was incorrectly calculated
  • There was capricious conduct on the part of the faculty member
  • There was a clerical error in recording or communicating the grade (i.e., the faculty member communicated a grade that was different than the one received)

Students unable to resolve a disputed grade with faculty members must contact their Program Chair who will provide a Grade Appeal Form. To be considered by the University, this form must be completed and received by the Program Chair within six weeks of the end of the course. The Program Chair reviews the appeal, reaches a decision, and replies directly to the student in writing within two weeks.

The disputed grade may be maintained, raised, or lowered because of this independent review. If, after the Program Chair’s review, a student is still unsatisfied, they may contact the Provost in writing for a final appeal; under usual circumstances, this contact should occur no later than two weeks after the Program Chair’s review and decision. The Provost reviews the appeal and replies directly to the student in writing within two weeks.