Institutional Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of a degree program at Sofia University, students will be able to:

I: Transformation (person-centered)
  • Outcome I-A: Describe and reflect upon their personal transformation in the context of a curriculum focused on whole-person development and ethical reasoning
  • Outcome I-B: Apply transpersonal principles to their life and work, individually and in community
II: Integration (learning-centered)
  • Outcome II-A: Incorporate multiple domains of knowing, learning, and being throughout their lives
  • Outcome II-B: Communicate authentically and effectively in adherence to conventions for scholarly research, audience engagement, achievement of goals, and personal reflection
III: Application (praxis-centered)
  • Outcome III-A: Contribute ethically and with insight to the flourishing of society and the natural environment
  • Outcome III-B: Employ rigorous and innovative modes of inquiry to design and implement transformative solutions to professional and societal challenges