Internship Opportunities Available for Domestic Students

Internship Application Process:

  1. Contact the University Student Services Office (SSO). If you need to obtain an internship approval and register to the internship course, begin by registering with the University Student Services Office.

    Registering with Student Services will identify you as needing assistance to find a suitable internship matching your career goals and academic training. You will also learn about options and how to file for an Internship Waiver, if needed.

    At Sofia University, internships are an integral part of the training received in all graduate-degree programs.

  2. Submit a Request for Internship Application Form to Your Academic Department. After receiving counseling from Student Services, submit a Request to Enroll in an Internship for 1 Academic Credit. This application should be submitted to your academic department for approval by your Internship Faculty Advisor. You can obtain the form from either Student Services or your academic division. Please be aware that concurrent enrollment in an Internship Class is required if you want to obtain academic credit for your placement.

  3. Enroll in an Academic Internship Class. Once you have obtained approval of your Internship Request, you will be allowed to enroll in an academic internship class where you will obtain 1 internship academic credit. Students participating in an internship course will receive one (1) internship credit unit each term and a total of 3 internship academic credits towards their graduation requirement.
  4. Internship Approval Requirements for Domestic students:
    • Must remain in good academic standing, 3.0 GPA or above.
    • Must have an employment/training offer related to their major area of study.
    • Must have a specific job/internship offer.
    • Must complete and submit an Internship Request Form and job offer letter each academic quarter.