Remediation Policy

The purpose of the University’s remediation policy is to identify and address a student’s problematic behaviors, incompetence, and/or ethical violations that occur during the course of their education. Identifying issues for remediation early on can assist in students’ personal and professional development and prevent more serious problems in the future. Also, remediation plans are designed to help students avoid Academic Probation. The need for a remediation plan may result from inappropriate behavior exhibited in the classroom, poor grades in courses, and lack of academic progress; this is not an exhaustive listing.

When a problem has been identified, the student’s Academic Advisor develops a written remediation plan, in consultation with the student and other University staff and faculty. To appeal the faculty’s decision, the student may follow the Appeals Process outlined in this Academic Catalog. When a remediation plan has been developed, the student’s advisor will schedule a follow-up meeting with the student to evaluate the student’s adjustment to the review process and recommend potential sources of guidance and assistance when necessary. If the student does not exhibit appropriate remediation, the student may be referred for Academic Probation.