Annual Vacation Eligibility

F-1 students at Sofia University are eligible for one Annual Vacation quarter per calendar year after they have successfully completed an "academic year" (one academic year is defined as three full-time quarters. The student’s first annual vacation would depend on which quarter they commenced their program (for example if you start in Winter your first opportunity to take an annual vacation will be in Fall). 

Eligible students must submit their completed vacation request form to before the start of the vacation quarter 

The student must satisfy the following requirements to be approved for an annual vacation 

  • Complete three consecutive full-time quarters prior to the vacation quarter 

  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress  (“SAP”) to be approved for a vacation quarter.  A student is not maintaining SAP if a student has a CGPA that is below 3.0 and/or they have received a non-passing grade for any previously attempted courses. Students not maintaining SAP will not be eligible for a vacation quarter. They will be required to repeat the necessary course/s at the earliest available opportunity and increase their CGPA before they can be approved for a vacation term. 

  • Intend to register full-time following the vacation quarter (unless the student qualifies for a different part-time exception, such as for medical reasons, final quarter, etc.) 

  • Students should not be scheduled to be in their final quarter. 

  • Students who are eligible and participating in the Work Integrated Learning course during their vacation quarter must submit a CPT application and receive approval.  

  • Students who are not enrolling in any courses during the vacation term must sign a Leave of Absence form with the Office of the Registrar. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can F-1 students work during the annual vacation break?

Yes, however, you must be enrolled in the Work Integrated Learning course to receive CPT authorization. Please coordinate with the International Student Office for more details on how to apply for CPT. 

What is Vacation Quarter?

A vacation quarter is a quarter when the F-1 student is not registered as a full-time student but will be enrolling in courses the following quarter. During a vacation quarter, you can choose to go home, stay in the U.S., enroll in part-time courses, enroll in our WIL Internship course or decide not to take any classes. F-1 students must intend to register full-time at Sofia University for the following quarter after their annual vacation quarter is over. Please note, unused vacation quarters do not accumulate or "roll over." For example, if the F-1 student enrolls full-time for six consecutive quarters, you cannot take two vacation quarters in one academic year.

What if I am Not Eligible for Vacation Quarter but I Need to Take a Quarter Off?

Students may require a leave of absence before they are eligible for a vacation quarter due to medical reasons or other personal circumstances. If the leave of absence is required for medical reasons, students may be eligible for a Medical Reduced Course Load. If the leave of absence is required for other personal circumstances, students may be advised to consider an Authorized Early Withdrawal. Students should contact a DSO who will provide guidance based on their specific circumstances. 

Can I Take My Final Quarter at Sofia as My Vacation Quarter?

If you are completing your program, you may not take your final quarter as an annual vacation. You are, however, eligible to enroll less than full time during your final quarter if fewer courses are needed to graduate. If you only need to enroll part time to graduate in your final quarter, you must request a final quarter Reduced Course Load authorization from DSO. If you are taking only one class in your final quarter, it must be a residential course.