Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration in Chinese

Program Overview

Sofia University's Master of Business Administration in Chinese (MBAC) program uniquely combines traditional business fundamentals with transpersonal psychology, creating an innovative approach to business education. By integrating core courses in leadership, management, and transpersonal psychology, the program fosters a deep understanding of human behavior, values, and spirituality in business. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills in effective leadership.

With its focus on real-world opportunities, experiential learning, and mentorship, the MBAC program enables students to apply their knowledge in practical settings. By cultivating compassionate and forward-thinking leaders, the program ensures graduates are well-prepared to tackle the complexities of the modern business world, driving performance and promoting global sustainability.

Program Delivery Mode: Online

Program Goals

The program goals of the Master of Business Administration in Chinese (MBAC) are to ensure that the program will:

• Develop well-rounded leaders with solid decision-making skills based on a balance of rationality, emotional intelligence, ethics, and intuition.

• Integrate transpersonal ideals into business principles to create a unique and holistic educational experience for self-leadership and leadership of others.

• Prepare students to adapt to changing global technology and business landscapes.

• Equip students with the skills and insights to drive transformative, innovative change within organizations.

• Foster visionary leadership to ensure long-term organizational success and financial stability while considering environmental social governance (ESG).

• Encourage students to think critically and creatively in response to complex global business and social challenges.

• Create a learning environment emphasizing practical, work-integrated experiences to enhance students' real-world understanding of business principles.

Program Learning Outcomes

The program learning outcomes of the Master of Business Administration in Chinese are to ensure that students in the program will:

• Demonstrate emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills necessary for effective mindful leadership in varied business contexts.

• Collaborate effectively in diverse professional teams and community settings, leveraging transpersonal awareness and empathy to build trust, respect, and shared understanding.

• Apply various forms of knowledge, including intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and embodied wisdom, to navigate complex business opportunities.

• Communicate ideas and arguments effectively, tailoring communication style to inclusive audiences and contexts while demonstrating active listening and empathy in interpersonal interactions.

• Evaluate and critique the role of business in society and the natural environment and propose innovative solutions that promote ethical social and environmental justice.

• Implement evidence-based solutions to professional and societal challenges, utilizing lifelong learning strategies to improve outcomes and foster transformative change.

Degree Requirements

The MBAC curriculum is comprised of the following requirements:

1) Foundational Courses (12 Units): Four (4) mandatory business administration courses must be completed, each worth three (3) units, for a total of twelve (12) compulsory core units. The Core consists of courses that aim to provide students with an introduction to transpersonal psychology, business communications, organizational behavior, and quantitative decision-making skills in the context of business law and ethics to lead business operations.

2) Business Fundamentals Courses (12 Units): Four (4) Business Fundamentals courses provide exposure to the major functional areas of business, including finance and economics, operational excellence, behavioral marketing, and technology and innovation. Four (4) courses are required in business fundamentals. Page 5 of 10

3) Leadership and Management Courses (9 Units) Three (3) mandatory leadership and management courses to bring together leadership and management in workforce development and sustainable ESG practices with transpersonal leadership.

4) Capstone Course (3 Units): Students will complete a Capstone course to complete the MBAC program. The goal of the course is to convey the ideas from all the previous courses into a cohesive whole.

Program Requirements:

• The above study plan requires a total of 36 units for graduation from the MBAC core program.

• All courses require a student to achieve a B or better for a passing grade.

• Full-time is two courses per quarter for six credit units total

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Sofia University with a Master of Business Administration in Chinese, a student must:

1) Complete all course requirements successfully

2) Complete a minimum of 36 units for the MBAC

3) Pay all tuition and fees

4) Adhere to Sofia University’s policies and procedures

Total Credits