MTPO 7204: Special Topic Seminar Professional Ethics专题研讨会:职业道德

Professional ethics is a required seminar. This topic is important yet difficult to navigate. It is invisible and formless, yet we ought to uncover some principles and structure them in the way we apply ethics in our profession. We invite you to contemplate various instructor's lectures in this seminar. Please reflect on your personal and professional ethical experiences and concisely present your thoughts in a reflective paper. 研讨会为提供了多种超个人的学习方法,以便学生在小组环境中、个人和职业发展中应用。这个研讨会的主题——專業道德是必修的研討會。這議題既重要但又難以拿捏。像是無形但是我們卻又需要找出一些原則好以框架在專業上的道德上操作。邀請您在這諸位學者的引導機分享的研討盛典中,能夠反思自己生命经历過的總總道德上的議題。