MTPO6411: Psychology of Extraordinary Dreams 非凡之梦心理学

This course focuses on the experience of extraordinary dreams and how they impact the dreamer's behavior. These unusual dreams are characterized by a vividness and intensity that makes them difficult to forget. They have been known to launch religious movements, inspire creative productions, and to change the course of relationships, vocations, and personal mythologies. This course takes the position that highly memorable dreams need to be at the forefront of dream science, as they afford an invaluable route into psychology's understanding of the psyche. Extraordinary dreams may foretell the future, initiate social movements, and may provide breakthroughs in art, science, and technology. 本课程重点关注非同寻常的梦之经历以及它们如何影响做梦者的行为。这些不寻常的梦的特点是生动和强烈的,使人难以忘记。众所周知,它们发起了宗教运动,激发了创造性的制作,并改变了关系、职业和个人神话的进程。本课程的出发观念是高度难忘的梦需要成为梦科学的前沿,因为它们为心理学对心灵的理解提供了宝贵的途径。非凡的梦可能预示着未来,发起社会运动,并可能提供艺术、科学和技术方面的突破。