MTPO7018: Positive Psychology and Leadership 积极心理学领导力

Leadership skills are essential to management. True leaders use their position, relationship, and productivity to invest in people around them and develop them until they become leaders in their own right. True leaders impower others and transcend their position, organization and sometimes their industry. Growing as a leader requires a combination of intentional growth and leadership experience. The ten-week course targets the five pillars of wellbeing and how Positive Psychology can be used at work and in life to help us become a stronger and happier person, which in turn builds up the foundations for a stronger leader. Students will engage with some of the most practical lessons to discover how to increase positive emotions, build healthy relationships, raise a sense of achievement and satisfactions at work, which leads to the sense of meaning in life. 领导力对工商/企业管理至关重要。真正的领导者会运用他们的职位、关系和生产力来赋能周围的人并发展他们,直到他们提升自己的能力而成为领导者。提升领导力需要刻意学习和领导经验的结合。为期十周的积极心理学课程通过学习并应用真实幸福感的五个支柱,帮助我们成为一个更强大和更快乐的自己。而强大的自我又是真正的领导者的根基。学生将通过实用的练习,在工作和生活中落实积极心理学理论发现,来增加积极情绪、建立健康的人际关系、提高工作成就感和满意度,从而找到生命的意义感。