MTPO7203: Introduction to APA Rules APA 写作简介

APA Style is a writing format developed by the American Psychological Association that is typically used in creating academic or professional papers at a graduate level. This course explores APA Style to learn this standard method of communication utilizing a common format for presenting information and a method of highlighting works cited in academic papers to give appropriate credit to the author(s) of that work and to avoid the risk of accidental plagiarism. 

本课程为学生提供学术写作的基础,重点是学习使用美国心理学会 (APA) 风格来确保学术写作风格和完整性。APA风格是北美心理学所用的正式学术格式。成功完成本课程后,学生将能够理解正式引文格式的重要,理解保持学术诚信的重要,识别 APA 引文格式的关键特征及将 APA 引文风格准确地融入学术写作中.