MTPO7205: Intuitive Inquiry I 直观探究1

Intuitive inquiry is a hermeneutical research method that joins intuition to intellectual precision. Students explore topics that claim their enthusiasm and invite the inquiry to transform both their understanding of the topic and their lives. As a method, intuitive inquiry seeks to both describe what is and envision new possibilities for the future through an in-depth, reflection process of interpretation. Intuitive inquiry I explore Cycle 1, 2, and 3 of this research method. 直觉探究是一种将直觉与智性结合起来的解释学研究方法。学生通过探索自己感兴趣的主题,使用直觉探究的方法达到对课题和生活的蜕变性理解。作为一种方法,直觉探究寻求通过深入的、和反思的阐释过程来描述现状和展望未来新的可能性。直觉探究1探讨这一研究方法过程的第1、2、3周期。