MTPO7603: Personality and Motivation人格与动机

Theories of Personality lays the foundation for personality theory, psychological inquiry, and the understanding of psychological concepts. This course surveys Eastern, Indigenous, ecological, and Western perspectives on being human and emphasizes an integration of personality theories and transpersonal practices as preparation for identifying one's own beliefs about human development. 人格理论课程为性格理论、心理学探究和对于心理学概念的理解奠定了基础。本课程调查了东方、土著、生态和西方关于人类的观点,并强调将人格理论和超个人实践相结合,为探索个人对全人类发展贡献做准备。你将学习到关于人类经验等方面的理论和研究、转化性人格心理学在商业中的应用以及探索我们如何为个人、人际关系和社会的转变和幸福做出贡献。