MTPO7801: Spiritual Development Across the Lifespan生命周期之精神发展

This course aims to welcome your awareness for psycho-spiritual approaches to life development. Learn how psychospiritual evolution informs all aspects and stages of personal and professional lives throughout our lifespan. Explore universal themes that can transcend established spiritual traditions and apply them personally and professionally. 本课程由心理精神的角度来看待灵性成长,并探讨心理精神的演变如何在我们的整个生命周期中为我们的个人和职业生活的各个方面和各个阶段提供信息。在本课程中,学生将探索超越特定心灵传统之宇宙普及的主题,并尝试将此精神应用在个人及专业的修行。