MTPO8202: Dreams, Dreaming, and Dreamwork 织梦与解梦理论与应用

This practicum course offers various methods of dreamwork and creative dream expression for both individual and group work. Lectures and discussions will lead to experiential group and individual activities. Over the term we will cultivate a respectful, ethical space for creative dream exploration, and you will gain valuable new tools for dreamwork. 本实践课程为个人和团体工作,提供各种梦境工作和创造性梦境表达的方法。讲座和讨论将引导体验性的小组和个人活动。在这一学期里,我们将为创造性的梦境探索培养一个相互尊重和道德性的空间,你将获得宝贵的梦境工作的新技能。