MTPO8300: Creative Expressions and Transformation 创意表达与心灵转化

This experiential course explores the relationship between creative process, psycho-spiritual awareness, and wholeness both in self and in community. Students will participate in creative explorations using art, music, movement, writing, and Earth’s inspiration around a variety of themes that students may also wish to apply or explore with others. Students will read material related to creativity, creative process, and healing through the arts and choose one professional application project designed to integrate creativity more fully into their work life. 这门体验课程探讨了创作过程、心理精神意识和自我及社区整体性之间的关系。学生将利用艺术,音乐,运动,写作和地球的灵感,围绕各种学生感兴趣的主题进行具有创造性的探索。学生还将阅读与创意、创意过程和艺术治疗相关的材料,并选择一个专业应用项目,将创意更充分地融入工作生活。