Certificate in Dream Studies

Sofia University's certificate in Dream Studies is offered in our Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. It is one of the few Dream Studies certificate programs in an accredited University in the United States. The program has an interdisciplinary orientation, exploring dreams from transpersonal, integral, psychological, scientific, mythological, spiritual, religious, and cross-cultural perspectives. Courses cover subjects that include sleep, dreams, and states of consciousness; ordinary, extraordinary, and anomalous dreams; dreams as they relate to health and creativity; a practicum in dream sharing with individuals and groups; personal mythology and dreamwork; and a final Certificate integration group presentation.

With five courses to complete over four-terms, this 13-credit curriculum is taught by Sofia Faculty. This certificate is designed for students, researchers, counselors, therapists, and anyone with a desire to explore dreams in a way that is applicable to personal development and/or careers in higher education, research, counseling, coaching, writing, and other careers where healing, creativity, imagination, inspiration, and transformation are important.

The Dream Studies certificate can be earned alone or in combination with our Transpersonal Psychology Masters or Doctoral Programs.
The following courses fulfill Dream Studies certification requirements:

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