MBA4001 : Capstone

Credits 3

The Capstone is the final component of a student’s graduate studies. This is a two-course sequence designed to be broadly integrative. Capstones will have concentration-specific modules and Learning Outcomes. The methodology for this Capstone Project is a simulation-based case study. The student’s objective is to incorporate concepts learned throughout the MBA program to address a strategic challenge facing a host organization. Capstone Part 1 will review and reinforce key concepts from the MBA program through a series of case studies of actual companies, to help students build the skills and abilities they will need to succeed on the simulated summative case study case they will undertake in Capstone Part 2. In Part 2, students will be provided a set of data and documents for an organization (such as quarterly reports, letters to shareholders, strategic plans, market data), and a description of issues and objectives for the study. Students will produce a final written document and (hypothetical) formal presentation to the organization’s key contact. This final report must show that the student has significantly applied concepts from strategy and finance, demonstrated their ability to collect and analyze primary data from a subject entity, and fully addressed the agreed-upon issues to provide novel recommendations that the entity could implement.